Full Name
Daphne Barak
Speaker Bio
Trump Delegate 2016 and 2020

International Interviewer, syndicated in all major media markets around the world

Executive Producer of Television Shows and ICONS series documentaries


Barak is known with her hundreds of "Big Gets!"

She executive produced television shows with Elisabeth Murdoch, one reached one billion people on broadcast in fifty three countries

"Our Son: Michael Jackson"

"Tale of Two Sisters:Liza Minnelli"

She, recently,also scooped Special Council Mueller Investigation, for example, and published TO PLEA OR NOT TO PLEA the story of Rick Gates, one of the leading withnesses

Check below the following quote and links, involving Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Benazir Bhutto.

Amy Winehouse widely quoted to have said on Daphne's best selling Saving Amy book: "Only Daphne Barak can explain my complicated life!"

The impact of "Our Son, Michael Jackson" television show: Click here to learn why Barbara Walters ended her tenure at ABC 20/20

Must read: Lord Stevens' Princess Diana Report to understand how Princess Diana rests in peace. Why 150 pages are devoted to Daphne Barak?

Also read between lines, in the Daily Mail Special for a hint: Who was really behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto?​

Legacy and Justice are important pillars in life!
Daphne Barak