Everyone needs faster and faster broadband.   We were in the middle of our upgrade to 5G plans last year when COVID hit.  We were asked by the FCC to make sure everyone who needed broadband could get service and so we had to put our plans on the back burner to accommodate the demand for service.  We are now back on track and should have our new 5G system online by mid Spring.  This new service will allow us to offer speeds in excess of 100mbs.  


Many customers on our network can now have access to faster services and will be introducing our Ultra Packages next month.   10, 25, 75 and 100mbs packages for both business and residential customers at very competitive prices.  In select areas businesses can get up to 1Gbs.


New Ultra packages are as follows:


  • UltraRes10 10mbs down and 5mbs up...........$25
  • UltraRes25  25mbs down and  5mbs up.........$40
  • UltraRes50 50mbs down and 10mbs up.........$70
  • UltraRes75 75mbs down and 15mbs up.......$120
  • UltraRes100 100mbs down and 25mbs up...$150


  • UltraBus10 10mbs down and 5mbs up...........$25
  • UltraBus25  25mbs down and  10mbs up.......$40
  • UltraBus50 50mbs down and 25mbs up.........$75
  • UltraBus75 75mbs down and 25mbs up.......$120
  • UltraBus100 100mbs down and 50mbs up...$160
  • Enterprise 100-1000mbs up and down $5/mbs (installation fee $500)


All fees include taxes and other charges.  Standard installation fee ($150, includes dual band mesh router)