Our mission is to support Free Speech on the Internet.  To that end AMPF will have initiatives to focus efforts to achieve our mission goals.

The following are Initiatives currently underway at AMPF.


The Need
The Internet has changed the way we communicate and do business.  New technologies that allow people to share information, publish content, and create new and innovative ways for us to learn on the Internet, have become a significant part of our lives.  Most of the content created online is by small business owners.  As this industry grew their rights and creators has been marginalized by Large Tech Firms and they have become a football for political grandstanding and speculation.  It is our intent at IC3A to formally represent this industry, protect it and aid in its growth as a bastion of Free Speech in the modern world.

IC3A is THE Non-Partisan Voice for the Internet Content Creators industry representing entrepreneurs and innovators who create and produce content of all types on the Internet.   IC3A members are small, medium and large businesses who are fast becoming the backbone of news, information and entertainment on the Internet.

IC3A’s members are composed of various styles of content creators and producers who are an industry of the future of Internet content.  Software/Services Vendors and Manufactures of related technologies are also part of this industry, bringing new advanced technologies and services to market with the idea of fostering open dialog and free speech as well as the sharing of legal content and overall development of this industry.

Our Mission
IC3A builds an environment where content creators flourish, the users of online services are happy and positive and constructive information and entertainment services grow through a robust 21st century Internet.

IC3A is dedicated to:

  • Educating policymakers and legislatures about the impact of legislations and regulations in the Internet Hosting, Content, Marketing and Payment processing networks on the Internet.
  • Holding each other to a high standards of ethical content, customer service, and technical achievments
  • Ensuring members are up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry, policy and trends.
  • Providing opportunities for IC3A members to interact, learn from and help each other.